Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday 21st, November 2010

woke up at 12.34 in the afternoon..
feed my cat.. feed my fish.. and didn't feed myself yet.. dah lama betul x breakfast..
Rahati came to my house at 1.12 pm to pickup Big Muff pedal as promised..
dia bwk bekalan utk makan tengahari, bihun goreng! thx so much cik rahati yg baik hati.. :)
she left at 1.22 pm.. got a few sms from frens.. a reminder : Chewbacca show today @ evolution studio,
fast forward.. at 5 pm Eyiq (Harmacy) & Giant (Bilharzia) came to pick me up..
fast forward.. arrived at the gig venue at 6 pm.. we performed after maghrib..
6 songs straight, it was a blast and i guess it's one of our best sound ever.. a total sound balance & clear vocals.. happy sgt sbb show sebelum ni kt maiya studio sound kitorg overblast smpai vocal pun tenggelam.. i guess we learn a lot from our previous mistakes.. i've always keep this phrase in mind - "less is more!"
we left the venue lepas perform sbb masing2 dh lapar dan dahaga..
got home at 9 pm.. rest kejap sbb lewat mlm nnt ada janji dgn member utk. jamm.. jamm suka2.. lagipun Fender Jaguar aku dh lama x disentuh.. it's time to polished the "red jag".. string pun dh berkarat..
mr. ami arrived at 11 pm to pick me & my housemate, amir utk jamm..
fast forward.. arrived at home at 2 am.. there goes my day..

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